Next-Generation Ingredient Technology Solutions

Redefine pharmaceutical and nutraceutical production with Purelium Pearls

Precise micro units of active ingredients in enhanced oil-based matrix, sealed in solid crust for enhanced pharmaceutical and nutraceutical capsules formulation.

Release Rate Control

  • Immediate release
  • Sustain release

The Purelium Pearls technology features adjustable release rates, allowing immediate or sustained release of active substances. This enables precise control over nutrient and API absorption, ideal for formulations requiring varied timing in a single capsule.

Custom Dosage Precision

  • Homogeneous size and weight
  • Precise dosage & mixtures

Purelium Pearls provide custom dosage precision, ensuring consistent and accurate delivery of active ingredients, whether APIs or nutraceuticals. Each pearl is uniformly sized and weighted, allowing precise control over the dosage and mixtures of substances in each capsule.

Customizable Capsule Design and Size

  • Pearls available in customized color
  • Attractive see-through capsules

Hard-surfaced oil droplets, customizable in colors, can be dosed into transparent capsules tailored to design and size preferences. Enhanced with taste-masking technology to reduce unpleasant flavors, these capsules encase the pearls, eliminating the food effect and ensuring consistent effectiveness regardless of dietary intake.

Eco-Friendly Production in Czechia

  • Flexible process
  • Low temperature production

Purelium Pearls are manufactured in Czechia through a patented, sustainable process designed for minimal environmental impact with strict adherence to regulatory and production protocol. The adaptable production method employs low temperatures to conserve energy.

Purelium Pearls Composition

Purelium Pearls technology highlights

Individual particles (pearls) are produced with homogenous active content, size and weight.

Composition, thickness and manufacturing process of pearls solid crust allows to moderate active ingredients release rate and other product features.

Pearls core is a mixture of active ingredients, surfactans and polymers with up to 90% of content.

Purelium Pearls are perfectly suitable for a wide range of active ingredients, including APIs, as well as nutraceuticals including Vitamin D, A, K, E, Beta-carotene, CBD, Lutein, and Lycopene. Available as bulk pearls, encapsulated, or with a specialized pearl dispenser.

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